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It is the result of my psyche overflowing and materializing on these pages after years of economic hardship, being advertised to daily, and developing a sheer disbelief of what passes for being human these days.Being 2018, I would hope we could have grown up a little by now, as a species, so to speak, but I guess not.  Some very mean bullies have garnered the wealth, power, resources and rights.  They appear above the law and love to tell others what to do.

I never considered myself Democrat or affiliated with any other ‘party’.  However, I realized during this current pollitical arena that I fall much more to the conservative side and I have no problem voting Republican.  I think Ron Paul thankfully paved the way for many people like myself to be able to find a way to resolve identifying with the very disturbing designation ‘Republican’.  However, anything right of left-wing extremism is considered conservative these days.

So if you were center or independent before, and you don’t want to vote ‘D’, then go ahead and join us on the right side of history.  If you were center or independent before and now you are a liberal snowflake who gets their news from CNN, etc, then at least stop parroting the statement that everyone who is not a (hard-core extreme) leftist liberal is racist and a nazi.  It is not true by any stretch of the imagination.  There are lots of conservatives, Republicans, and independents who don’t agree with liberal policies but that doesn’t make them racist.  I have never been racist in my life, nor has anyone I’ve known, EXCEPT for my extremist liberal friends.

I would not support President Trump if I thought he was a racist.  I do not support racists.  I do however support the United States Constitution.  I support all the men and women across the world who are in First-Responder positions and military vets and troops.  I support changing laws in the correct procedure, and I support the job the Police and other law enforcement have to until such laws are changed.

If you have questions or comments, please leave them in the comment sections of the posts.   Thanks for reading and hope you get something out of it.


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