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Two Faced Liars

Even if they are lying to themselves, this is what is going on with a large portion of the voting population.  I am not making outrageous claims, I am saying that they are two faced and liars.

The liberal minds will say that they are not that, and that right there is proof that they are exactly what they say they are not.  Almost all media included.  Doublespeak.

The demonizing, mislabeling, slandering, and even terrorizing of one individual (and actually anyone who wants to vote for him) seems to be okay in the arena of public office and debate, however the liberals want to pretend to defend every other living thing down to the nostril.  If I want to be a female with male nostrils and have everyone not expect me to get upset about their confusion over my obvious choice, then I’m going to need a whole government to support me, and so will all of our fellow recently transplanted citizens.

We have to live next to our neighbors who may not agree with us, that is what US of A is about.  Even family members don’t always agree, but it is our God-given right to have our own opinion and not be persecuted for it.  Whatever happened to our free country?  How many articles of history do we have to point at to agree that this is the truth of existence?  If you are really on the side of the liberal-minded, the side that thinks marching into the future of globalization by jumping in without any flotation devices is healthy, the side of the cry-bullies, then you better be ready when they come for you.

I am not even defending Donald J. Trump as a good person.  None of us is ALL good or ALL evil, I promise you.  But he must have some good qualities to raise a nice, successful family, to have built a successful business, etc; all the things that are outwardly visible and make sense.  And yes, I’m sure he’s done some awful things in his life.  But I do think he still has a conscious, and doesn’t necessarily want to hurt himself, his family, or his country.  That’s typical human and most living organism behavior.

The opposite behavior looks like sabotaging your nation, the existing laws, the state programs, the budget, the peacekeepers, and the minorities, which is soon to be everyone.  Throwing insults, deflecting questions about and suppressing proof of corruption and breach of national security is meant to distract any block of voters that might be leaning over the boat.

Although I would love to have as much loathe for Hillary and her supporters as they do for me and my like-minded individuals, I don’t.  All of this is simply about doing the right thing for my family, and other families.  Not about me or any one individual…I urge you to do the right thing.  We still have a shot at progressing into the future without a third world war in our imminent future.  A few more days of all this media nonsense, and that won’t be true though.  I urge you to communicate with others about not believing ANYTHING the mainstream media says or has said.  It is all lies.  You can pretty much guarantee that whatever is reported, the actual opposite of that is what is going on.  Be strong, it’s not going to be easy to accept that everything you’ve been told is a lie.  Then hold on to your liberties and start communicating.

Turn off the TV, radio, don’t read the newspapers, and filter anything that you do ingest and consider the source.  If anyone tells you who to vote for, don’t listen to them.  Consider what you know, do more research if you need to, and make the right decision.

Here is a list of ways to communicate with your fellow citizens (hopefully these should work for face-to-face and digital/cyber communication, and even old school mail)

  1. Listen first!  The best way to be a friend is to listen, and you learn a lot about a person.  Then you may impart your brilliance.
  2. Try to be understanding
  3. Arm yourself with knowledge
  4. Don’t interrupt
  5. Don’t insult.  The conversation is over once you start insulting.
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