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Fascist much?

My friend pressured me into talking politics even after I expressed that I don’t usually talk politics with people, not even with most of my family.

When I finally did talk with my friend, this person bullied me after I answered their question about Trump’s character, calling Donald Trump all sorts of names, including fascist, and insinuated that I should know that those names were accurate descriptions.

I tried to follow up with my friend via email to let them know that I too, am disgusted by the current political climate, and that I hadn’t decided who I was going to vote for yet.  That was met with more preaching in favor of HIllary and against Trump, and this coming from a former Bernie supporter!

Then, all of a sudden, my friend decided to drop me and my family as friends.  I guess if my friend cannot dictate how I should think and feel, then it is perfectly okay for that person to show me the exit door to their life.  That action, seems to me to be the very definition of fascism, and it is beyond me how the irony escapes my friend.

What am I supposed to say to my friends who are challenging me and cutting me off?  Do I say nothing?  Do I defend Trump? Do I defend myself? Do I defend millions of other Americans like myself who don’t want government in every part of our life?  That is really what this is about…those who want the right to live off of the land and provide for themselves versus people who think that government should provide everything, that we should be able to live off our government rations, and that we can trust our government and don’t have to worry about anything.


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