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Friends Without Borders

I guess all of my friends who don’t want to be friends with me anymore because I happen to hold conservative values can all be friends with each other…

I’ll even introduce you all to each other.

Even though NOTHING HAS CHANGED, except that we all exercised our right to vote the other day, people have gone bonkers and are having pity parties of resistance to the FORTHCOMING CHANGE.  People have voted for many many years without resorting to this kind of one sided tunnel vision after their candidate did not win.  Most people were grown ups and accepted it, even if there were election issues, and moved on.  Now the herds, the swarms of idiots who can’t think for themselves and feel so much more powerful and alive inside of a group of false ideology believers, have taken action.

The Mainstream Media tries to keep itself alive with these stories and events.  It is interesting to watch, just letting nature take its course, with the big networks and media machines, as they expose themselves on the stage they set.

I’m so happy to be alive and know truth and be able to handle it.


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