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Reflections on the 2016 U.S. Election Season

Regardless of how you viewed either or any of the candidates, the real issue is how you feel about national sovereignty.  If you are a voting citizen and value it, then you should be aware that that is the real issue at the core of this election season.  The leftist agenda includes open borders, wars (endless war,more on this), amnesty to keep the party alive, questionable trade practices, and an actual history of racism (more on this).

The election is over and the MSM (mainstream media) continues to push the agenda for globalization by reporting outright lies about everything imaginable and using the government fueled false flag events (like Sandy Hook, etc) to further the facade of rhetoric and push policy change into the open arms of the liberal minded consumer.

I voted for Donald Trump.  I am not a racist, homophobic, misogynistic bigot like the MSM would have my liberal friends believe, just because I voted for him.  I do not think Mr. Trump is any of those things or I would not have voted for him.  Likewise, the vast majority of the people who voted for Trump do not think those things of him just because CNN or any other MSM told us so.  In addition, Trump supporters are not the individuals who have incited or committed acts of violence or even fabricated incidents of such.  Those people who have done those things are liberals or worse than any party identifier, are sell outs to any person or ideal that will supply them with instant gratification of cash.

Unfortunately, nearly all of Hollywood and our government elite have been corrupted in their expectation of their livelihoods’ meanings vs. another person’s and their own need to escape the inevitable realities and pains of life.  Instead, their existence depends on the masses of people who are not as safe-space and safe-wealth privileged as they are to carry out daily life’s tasks and generate taxes and debt.

This election singularly highlights the global domination agenda and the communist allies, which have been in existence for a long time.

Another personal viewpoint of how everything has played out is how offended I am by my ‘liberal’ friends.  I have realized hate, fear, and maybe sheer laziness drives them, even though they are blissfully unaware of being all three as they view the world through their multi-cultured glasses.  I am offended that they fear racism, hatred and other things are what everyone who voted for DJT is really about.  So in essence, they hate fear and the fear hate.

Do you ‘liberals’ know who voted for Trump? WomenBlacks, Hispanics and Latinos, Active Duty MilitaryVETERANS, Cops and the National Border Patrol CouncilChristians, Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Gay, Trans, Democrats, former Democrats, MillennialsBarack’s brother, must I go on?  So, wait…all the people you wanted to protect from DJT actually voted for him?  Hmmm.  Why is that?  Because the MSM (mainstream media) lied to everyone.  They continued to lie throughout the entire election season, which actually won DJT the presidency for him.  Do you know what Drudge Report, Alex Jones, Michael Savage, Breitbart News, etc like to say?  Each one of them wants to take credit for personally getting DJT the presidency by reaching his message to a broader audience.  While that may be true, it may not be true.  I knew I was going to vote for DJT before I started listening to any of those guys.  I like them, but they did not decide this vote fore me.  My vote was based on how awful the MSM treated DJT.  I knew right then and there that DJT was my guy.  You see, I don’t really read or listen to any of the crap.  I don’t watch TV, movies, I have never watched reality TV, certianly not DJT’s show.  But I know truth when I see it.  I knew Obomba was full of lies, Hills, all of them.  We all know.  The gig or jig is up, you guys.  Fuck you and go fuck each other til you don’t fucking know what day it is.  It will all be okay, we will wake you when breakfast is ready.

The pure vitriol that came out of leftists’ mouths immediately after the election was appalling compared to what should have been their inner dialogue giving them a good talking to.  One of my friends was afraid of the hate that her newborn was going to have to face.  With such an uninformed parent, it’s going to be hard to get ahead in the compromised state of global, local, and social affairs.  If it is to be believed that Hillary won the popular vote, it still exists that DJT got nearly half the vote of the entire voting population.  However it should be clear to the average person, that the MSM believed that their own lies were enough to steal the election for Hillary by bullying everyone’s psyche.  What happened was that nobody expected all these different voting blocks to stand up for themselves.  Lesson:  Victimized liberals, if you want to remain a victim, the future is going to be much more compromised by your own definition of existence.

Also, even if you think that half the country hates you (the country does seem to be divided, but in the liberals hating the nationalists type of way) since when was it okay to go trashing someone’s name in the media, social media, or any other public way possible? Bullies (communists?) are the ones who assume that others should do what they think or say, hence these liberals are a bunch of bullies.  I witnessed one of my friends call DJT a racist and then not 20 minutes later, act racist toward a minority.

Lastly, one really personal unexpected thing of this election season has been the ability to accept Jesus and God, and realize the full capacity of the current collective conscious desperately trying to evolve.  The violence, abuse of all forms, domination, suppression, and victimizing of humans across the globe by other humans, sub-humans, the matrix, the hidden agenda, hidden history, has to and will come to an end.  The amount of suffering that is occurring on this globe, at our own doing, is catastrophic and is the single worst threat to our existence. I know that I was not the only one who God personally touched and reassured through such a long year.  I worried about WWIII starting every night.  Many of us know that it was a miracle of God that DJT became president, along with the sheer number of people who voted for him.

People who never voted before came out in droves.  Elderly voted with glee.  People felt their power for once because of the ability to rise above the lies of the MSM.

I will say it again, that I am appalled that what appear to be normal people think that ALL the people who voted for Trump are racist and filled with hate.  It is as if they think we have all just been waiting for the day when we could openly hate others.  It is exactly the opposite, and the lower middle class liberal’s fear has manifested in their own action, resulting in riots, cry-ins, hate rallies, hate art.  Do these ‘open minded’ liberals really think the rest of voting America secretly hates anyone? Are you by any chance believing the same news sources who told you that DJT was never going to win the presidency?  I’ve got news for you, if you are still listening to them, then you are still being lied to.  The MSM knew they were lying to you about the polls and DJT’s character and past during the entire election season.  However, they really had the gall to assume that the viewing/consuming public would believe all their lies and that would be that, Hilliary would be president.  After all, they’ve been feeding us headlines for years that haven’t been true, and we’ve accepted them as truth.  What they didn’t realize is that the combination of DJT’s sheer determination along with the determination of millions of voters to not succumb to being told what to do and think, and the independent media reporting on it, made it possible that DJT couldn’t lose.

How much have our veterans given of themselves in the line of duty, in training, in witnessing of events, and always being ready to serve for the rest of us, even when it is against enemies not meant to be beaten?  Many of them voted for Trump.  I am offended for them at my friends who think they are all racist.

All in all, many, many people voted for Trump, for many different reasons, and it wasn’t because they were all also racist and or homophobic.  I also am pretty confident that the very small percentage of people in the US who are racist or homophobic and who voted for Trump, probably like DJT for his policies, not because they think he is any sort of hater.


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