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Two Things…

Two things should be certain by now, even if you merely an observer of the political drama, and not one of the individuals who is trying to understand the current political climate by studying and absorbing every bit of information you can.

  1.  Barack Obama is violence prone.
    1. Bombings, more, more
    2. Ignores attacks in our country
    3. No commitment to end worldwide terrorism
    4. Promoting racism with lies and skewing of events
    5. Not protecting and supporting our police officers
    6. While supporting BLM
    7. Not stopping violence after 2016 election
    8. Involvement with DNC who is on record inciting violence throughout the 2016 election season
    9. Violence rising during his administration, more
    10. Outright denial and complete lies about the current world state of events
    11. While wanting to disarm the citizens
    12. His own violent rhetoric, more
  2. Hillary Clinton probably did not outright win the popular vote.
    1. Illegal aliens voted
    2. Felons voted
    3. Dead people voted
    4. People are registered in more than one state
    5. Voting machines were rigged
    6. The left insisted that the election could not be rigged, that it was dangerous to insinuate, while claiming that Russia and others were hacking the computers, and while they were rigging it as much as they could.

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