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Inaugural Parade 2017

I will go so far as to say that the Inaugural Parade was late due to some of TPTB (the powers that be) purposefully delaying the finalization of the transition of power to a new administration as long as they possibly could for their own personal, greedy reasons at the expense of the American people who were in the parade.  It is a perfect example of the previous administration’s general attitude toward the American public and was succinctly displayed for everyone to see, if you watch the entire day’s events.  The luncheon ran late, according to this article, and if you do watch the videos, you will see that the lunch, which was in honor of the new President, but which was still being given by the outgoing administration, was just as casually timed as anything else they do.

For example, the parade started over two hours late, which affected the citizens who were there to witness the event, as well as those who were participating in the event, not to mention the media who were waiting and the American public and world at large watching remotely.

I’m sure they also hoped this delay would dampen spirits, and possibly make people leave so the numbers of turnout looked low.

It was cold, rainy, dark, and people were probably hungry, thirsty, and tired after waiting all day.

However, none of that mattered.  Everyone there was probably so glad to be there, to represent what they felt.  The marching bands and many other participants put on such an incredible performance.  My favorite were the Pride of Alabama Marching Band and the Lil Wranglers, but that is a hard choice, because every one of them was just amazing.  The precision, the dedication, the pride in God and Country was very visibly present and as mentioned, was a symbol of the vast difference between the values of TPTB and those of the average hardworking American citizen.

To my fellow citizens who participated in the parade that day:  I thank you and commend you for being some of the most upstanding people in the country.  You showed up on a cold day in the face of cold opposition.  I know many of you worked so hard to get there in a short amount of time, which is a display of the ingenuity and tactfulness that represents America at its finest.  Thank you for displaying to your fellow citizens that you intend to stand up for what is right.

Additionally, the MSM was caught in a lie about the crowd attendance at the Inauguration.  Security kept people from entering so that no one could get to their seats, while the luncheon was going on, so that it looked like no one was in attendance.  There are numerous other ways of making it appear as if no one was at the event, however, this is a huge lie.

360 degree photo of the actual crown at the inauguration, by CNN.  You can zoom in and see for yourself how many people are there.

That’s a lot of people who want their country back from the power and money hungry communist globalists.

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