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Women’s March for a Select Group of Women 2017

Women supporting other women is a great idea, and I agree that it is not being done as much as it needs to be.

This article highlights some of the women who are working selflessly to support the basic human rights of other women throughout the world.  So, why aren’t these women being supported by the marchers at the recent women’s marches?  How many of those marchers are doing anything about women’s rights the other 364 days of this year?

The disconnect of the seemingly intelligent liberal left crowd of Americans is almost unbelievable and is definitely unacceptable.  They won’t shut up long enough to hear anyone who is speaking the truth.  Because they think they are speaking the truth.  The problem of most liberals lies in their thinking that so many other people (liberals) think just like them, and that they are safe among each other.  It’s obviously not true, given the amount of violence that has ensued and been tolerated since the 2016 election.

Drawing from the recent demonstration, I guess the only women that matter are the ones who are lucky enough to be able to have the choice to have an abortion, or the ones who think it is okay to publicly make vulgar statements about things which they have no idea.

P.S. I am making no judgment on abortion.  I am merely pointing out that women who are saying or thinking they are being inclusive of all women, are actually not.

Ladies, if any of you are listening that this might possibly make a difference to, think about this:  If you read the above article, you will note that the women highlighted are located in countries where women do not have a voice, where they are treated like animals at best, and where there is not chance for escape from oppression on an individual basis.  What you are doing by leaning liberal is encouraging the ongoing oppression of women worldwide.

Since this election was hyped to be about things that it wasn’t actually about, many people have been led astray.  Mainstream media lies every day to the general public, and has for years.  Almost no one in the public eye is who they seem to be.  There are posers and haters all about, and many of them are being paid by George Soros to act out their hate.

If you continue to act out the left’s propaganda, and treat the essence of the female spirit as a joke, then our country will soon be one of those deeply oppressive countries, controlled by globalist forces with futuristic agendas.

If women actually do bond together to diminish the negative affects of the powers that be, everything will be okay.

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