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Liberal Haters-Are You 100%?

NO ONE person is 100% good or evil.  This includes President Trump.  Are all you liberals really 100% good and right and convinced that he is 100% evil and wrong?  Not even Mr. Georgie Soros is 100% evil, although he’s probably pretty close.  Why not try thinking around what Mainstream Media (MSM) has told you, as in thinking for yourself?  Why not try to see if you can find the slightest thing ‘correct’ or positive about Trump and go from there?  Perception and attitude have a lot to do with how life goes for an individual.

If you think the MSM is on your side, I am trying to tell you that you are unfortunately wrong.  Although most of us have woken up to the fact that the MSM is fake news, and Ron Paul was the first one to bring this to our attention, before the MSM tried to turn it around on everyone else, there are still some people who listen to these talking heads as if they are beacons of information.  It’s all a false narrative, the anchors and hosts are living false identities, and the premise of democratically electing a president has been turned into a joke, just like everything else, to TPTB.  The biggest joke is that they have skewed most people’s perception, and I’m not just talking about Trump.  Daily life, life’s realities, reality’s vastness; they have adopted it away to never be known to most as the truth.  Seek it and you will find it.

Also, no Democrat seems to have figured it out; the more you bash Trump, the more powerful he becomes.  This is not something that he is doing, it just is.  It is a collective boost to his ego, not even so much for his own satisfaction, but the rest of the world is viewing him as more of a ‘martyr’ the more all the ‘democrats’ spin things out of proportion.  So maybe if everyone stops talking about him, and goes about their own business, and got to work at making their lives the best it could be, which would be an alternative to bitching about everything, then you might be able to get through the next 4 years rather well.

My humble advice:  Be nice to someone today and regard truth sacred.

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