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If you do not realize that what happens today has been going on for a long time, and that today or today’s leader is no different than the one before, and that you have been lulled to sleep by the deep state, and that the deep state has you right where they want you, then congratulations on being their pawn and the other being your prince.

As we can all see, DJT has either been controlled by the deep state all along or is starting to give in to their ultimate worldly powers.  the only other conclusion is that we have no real idea what is going on.  But actually we do…the divide and conquer tactic is working quite nicely.

However, if you still can look at the tragic world events that occur DAILY, and not conclude that there is a negative energy that is arrogantly at work, in this world, then you are one of the persons i pray for.  if you think evil does not exist to destroy the good, then you are probably lost and afraid.  i dare you to try opening your heart to The Creator and all the glory that becomes available once you do.

Chemical Weapons Explosion In Syria Another False Flag Attack By The Usual Perps


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