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(There is a profession called ‘crisis actor.’  You have all seen several famous ones in the news in the last few years.  I wonder what happens when payees hold the same viewpoint as the payers, especially in a case when the payers’ political viewpoint is made known and is part of the job.  There must be a database somewhere of political ideologists who will agree to be compensated for that.  I would consider these people extremist in their viewpoints and actions, that they fell vindicated in stealing public emotions and responses.  They are the real terrorists, possibly, your fellow citizens who will accept monetary gain in exchange for living a lie.  At some point this could be characterized as a mental illness, I would think.  Convincing yourself or others of something does not make it ‘true.’)

This particular blog entry is about the Portland MAX Stabbing.

  • No blood, or real evidence of anything – where is the camera footage of this incident from the train car?
  • No tears –  At the end of this video, the mom of the stab victim is even quoted as saying she didn’t miss her son at all.  I was also going to point out that not even the stabbing victim’s son had tears, but all the videos have been scrubbed, I guess his acting was not convincing enough, they had to take the videos down, so I will include a printed quote from Eric Best, 19, supposed oldest son of Rick Best, supposed hero.  “At least once a week he would always make sure that he would talk to every one of his kids about how life’s going… what can I do to help, what problem needs solving,” Eric Best said. “He made sure that we were loved.”  Interesting that a father only has to do that once a week for each of his kids, and that the son would put it that way, and not say ‘us’ or ‘us kids’.  All of his other statements are equally benign, scripted and devoid of emotion or ownership of the information.
  • Just so happens that it is a ‘conservative,’ ‘white,’ ‘Christian’ who hates blacks, Muslims, and everyone else.  If he was really a ‘self-proclaimed white nationalist,’ why were his only victims ‘white’ people?
  • A whole lot of perfect soundbites, statements, reinforcements of certain belief structures. Terms used such as hate, terrorism, white nationalist, white supremacy, etc.  So once again, the powers that be are inciting racial tension and inequality.
  • Conflicting verbal accounts and visible evidence in photos and videos everywhere.
    • For example, from People Magazine, this is reported “Covered in bandages with a tube sticking out of his neck, Micah, his mom soon learned, suffered a severe stab wound that broke his jaw and severed a nerve, she says.  “It missed the jugular by a millimeter, but it did hit one of the main arteries, so he had some serious surgery,” Margie says. “His entire left side is slashed up.”  However, photos and video show that his jaw is NOT broken, there does not appear to be a severe stab wound, instead some kind of slash.  She covered both of the terms, but most other news reports have said ‘stab, slash, or cut.’
    • And what the hell is going on here?  In the photo on the left, what is that?  There is a tube either draining or supplying blood directly to his wound.  And no wound dressing?  Did it go straight from slash to scar? In the second photo, it looks as if he’s levitating above the bed, and he’s covering the wound of course.  Also, he was supposedly hit on the chin with such force as to cause the doctors to have removed bone fragments from his neck.  There is absolutely no visible evidence of this claim.
    • Stab in neck = Cut in throat according to this journalist.
  • One of the supposed victims, Rick Best, was an Army veteran. “Best worked for the Bureau of Development Services as a technician and ran for a position on the Clackamas County Commission in 2014 after retiring from the U.S. Army in 2012. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan in his 23 years of service.”  Yep, would be easy enough to assume the role of terrorist victim crisis actor.  I actually believe that more than I believe a 23 year Army vet could not take this psycho stabber down, as he was not initially involved, according to some reports, and had time to think and act.
  • Which ‘pizza shop’ does ‘Fletcher’ work for? “The third stabbing victim, Fletcher, is a student at Portland State University and was taking the train from classes to his job at a pizza shop when the attack occurred.”

Other direct conflicts within the same story:

  • One man claims to have performed CPR on the dying man until paramedics arrived, and says he didn’t die alone, yet
  • Police arrested another man for taking a wedding ring stolen from the same man as he lay dying.  And how could he be charged for ‘abuse of a corpse’ if the person was ‘dying’ as he removed the ring?  The supposed former paramedic who supposedly administered CPR til the first responders got there said “He was surrounded by people who were soothing him and caring for him,” … “He did not die alone.”
  • And this article is a real hoot.  It directly defies other reports of this incident and this witness can’t even make a direct statement without contradicting herself or obfuscating the meaning of her words somehow.

Also, let’s see which brand names are profiting directly off of this incident:

  • Domino’s (also, is there no blood on this Mr. Tshagenny after he abused the corpse in the second degree by removing the wedding ring?)
  • Gatorade

And which messages are we supposed to take away from this staged event?

Further discussion on this seemingly fake incident.

Two nights prior to this event, ‘Mr. Fletcher’ was a hero when he took an aluminum can to the head after he presumably chased down a hipster and a homeless person in order to get in between them, and take one for the libtard team, as he seems to have a knack to do.

All of this is done why?  To form and force public opinion, thought, and emotion, and to create a reason to enforce unconstitutional changes in laws and security.

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