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Leftists Trying to Blame Everyone but Themselves

They think they are 10 steps ahead.

They really suck at lying and cheating, which is what they do best.  So, best effort = huge failure every time.

I would just like to share my opinion, as a non-conforming, independent-thinking, observer of everyone, free of bias.  That means that I am saying I am not racist, homophobic, etc, meaning that I don’t hate and don’t fear anyone different than me.  I happen to have skin color, biological sex, and body type just like everyone else.  I cannot help but view from that position, just like every other person, as a unique individual, is possessive of this same experience.  So my opinions are based on pure observation of my fellow human beings, all of them being equally other than myself, but nothing more, in my eyes.

I see the vile hate-filled rhetoric spewed forth from people’s unchecked egos every single day.

At some point just before the primary election, it became ‘OK’ in ‘professional journalism’ to completely bully, libel and obliterate publically one Donald J. Trump.  Yes, I understand that mud-slinging in political arenas is an age-old trick.  But now they are labeling anyone who may or may not be republican as republican and claiming that they are all evil nazi racists.

One of the major faults of the MSM/LSM is that they think they can tell people what to think and that it just happens.  They have tried to dull our senses and sicken us to the point of not being able to think.  But luckily, they have failed at that, too.  Now, every day of the MSM/LSM’s existence is haunted by the fact that every single funded publication can likely be traced back to two or three individuals.  Their narrative has gotten narrower, and I’m sure that they have their hands in both sides–all sides.  They are all CIA spooks.  Research the history of the CIA, the current activities, and you will have most of your answers.  We are their slaves, whether you consider yourself Democrat, Republican, both, or neither.

So let’s take a look at these latest lies upon lies.

Let me break that last article down for all of us:

  • Comey, like most of the media, thinks that ol’ Hillary is going to win because they’ve been told she’s going to win by their higher-ups.
  • Comey, figuring he would absolve the Hills after she won went ahead and tried to appear transparent in the face of a real opponent, Donald J. Trump.  (They got cold feet and didn’t believe their own lies enough, apparently)
  • Having believed completely wrong–that there would be Clinton 2.0 in W.H.–they had to figure something out really damn fast to salvage their jobs, self-worth, credibility, money pipeline, disposable (trafficked) kids.  They came up with the Russia thing to explain her stupid moves.
  • Then they changed the focus of that from Hill-dog to Trump and turned it into a witch-hunt.
  • Then they tried everything under the sun to get this man and they still look like total idiots.
  • So now they are blaming it on Comey, etc, now that it is convenient.  They never said this before! Especially right after the election when they were trying to claim that Trump didn’t win because he didn’t win the popular vote.  There was no ‘GAVE HIM THE PRESIDENCY’ talk.
  • The lying leftists expose themselves every day with their collective ‘hive’ agenda.  They are supported by our tax dollars in every imaginable way and are terrified of all of us waking up and throwing them in jail.
  • They were lying then and they are lying now.  That’s all they do.  If they say something, you better believe the opposite is true.
  • Also, articles like this last one seem to revel in the fact that they have a group of people to point at and laugh at and lump people into if they don’t buy all the lies.  I would say that there are a lot more people voting ‘Republican’ than actually think of themselves as ‘Republican.”  This article makes it seem as if every single ‘Republican’ is a fanatic, which is simply not true.  This blatant oversight of the ‘left’ along with the fact that not all people who vote ‘Democrat’ actually think of themselves as ‘Democrat’ either.  And they are just as easy to flip because of this, as evidenced by the map linked to above.  This makes the ‘top’ ‘Democrats’ look arrogant, lazy, and slightly insane.  Are these real values of a productive society?  And the people at the very top are neither left nor right, they are above it all, which we should be aware of.
  • P.S. The left ‘made’ the immigration problem.  Not only did they start the racial tensions with slavery, the KKK, etc, way back when, but they are either the direct source or in bed with the same people who are funneling immigrants (by starting wars) to different parts of the world to disrupt the voting block, the economy, the culture, the vitality of any sovereign area.  They are the ones bitching about it to fuel the flames of the fire.  They create the problem, then bitch about it as human rights, then expect those humans that they bitched about to vote for them.  Too-bad aborted babies can’t vote.  Maybe the democrats will try that next.  Because honestly, if President Trump does stop break-up of families at the border or within the border even, he’s going to have that many more voters on his side.  So once again, instead of show up to the table with a real game plan and talking points, liberal leaders run from anything legitimate or good for the citizens of the country.  Illegal immigrants from anywhere have more political sway with them than anyone that is already here and has been told what to do or think. As long as we are all identifying with our sub-groups and maintaining our victim mentality, the liberals are happy as can be.

But yet, the real story is the voters, who the Democrats/leftists/progressives/communists/socialists/Satanists refuse to acknowledge, and when they do, they call them derogatory names.  There may be a few ‘terms’ I left out here, but most people don’t even know the definition for all of these words, much less where they fall in relation to this existant ideology.

Oh, and if you ask Trump, he wasn’t even trying to win the popular vote.  Sounds like he would have if he had strategized that way.  However, he knew how to win and did so.  He didn’t need any help from any Russians or anyone else, least of all the Con-meys, the Pedo-esta’s, the Clincons, the O’bummers, or any of the other haters who let him live rent-free in their heads.  They have no lives, which means that all they do is think about politics, which means that everything is political for them.  So saying that their actions are not politically biased is a huge joke.

My point to all of this is, how is that we, as a country are supposedly so worried about offending people of the opposite: sex, gender-identification, preferred sex partner, religion, disability, etc that we are so afraid that bullying can cause people to shoot up schools and yet the leftists/MSM/LSM try to quantify the amount of daily negative energy towards the President?  (And make movies with tons of guns.)  This is their president, too.  None of them have done anything about moving to any other incredible country that is perfect.  None of them are helping any of the situations they are bitching about with actions or words.  None of them are even stopping to think about changing anything about their own daily life that would signal any capacity to feel for someone else, think about someone else’s perspective, have compassion or empathy.  Instead, all of these clowns and the people who blindly believe them would rather rely on the government–someone else–than themselves.  Each of these tools that cannot really see what is going on should just try feeling for awhile instead of thinking.  If you felt honestly and without judgment, you might come to any number of realizations that the world does not revolve around you, that you are not special with your lattes and your designer clothing.  You and they could make much more a difference than just bitching about D. Trump all day long.

Maybe Trump is not perfect, maybe he is not the answer to anything, and he’s definitely not a ‘king’ to his party.  He happens to be the right guy in the right place at the right time, and ‘Republicans’ will take that because that’s how you work to get something done.  Enough bitching.  Start looking at yourself, and start there.  Make a change of habit, a change of thought, a change of viewpoint.  None of you know what’s really going on.  If you did, everything would be different and you would be winning the ‘Most Innovative Person and Forward Thinker of the Year’ award.  There is not one person alive doing that.  We all have to work together.

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