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War on Sovereignty 2018 – No Borders, No Laws, No Critical Thinking

*Update 9/28/18 – Link to story on the reality of family separation

The ‘liberals‘ aka ‘neo-Marxists‘ aka ‘trans-humanists‘ aka ‘globalists‘ aka ‘socialists‘ aka ‘futurists‘ and, many times,generational satanists‘ are really impressive with their lies, bigotry, and hypocrisy (apparently the protesters who actually put these kids in cages are not at fault for totally putting kids in cages).

Impressive because of their complete commitment to their causes with no rational thought or debate. Feelings and emotions only, based on lies to themselves, are what they use to guide themselves through life. And they insist the rest of us (and try to force the rest of us to) accept and buy into their hate and intolerance of others and idolatry of themselves.

How are the same people CRYING out on social media about the injustices of some kids that are crossing the border under ‘illegal’ circumstances not care  about the families here, already in ‘America,’ who are permanently separated when we allow people in the country who we don’t expect to follow any sort of rules or obey laws?  Also, what about the kids who are being trafficked, which is largely the case in these illegal circumstances? Also, what about human life, in general?  These same liberals who want us to believe they are so concerned about the ‘children’ are the same ones who totally advocate and will incite violence for the ‘right’ to abortion, and, of course, don’t consider an unborn human to have any rights at all.  These are the same liberals who have broken down the family unit over time so that abortion would be an attractive option to some people on their quest to feed their giant egos since everything is about them, which is actually just the way liberals want it — a nation full of individualists, free from any culture or advanced thought, who are easy to control and have no reason to disobey.

Anyone who can do so tries to enter the country legally, so that they will be legitimate, maintaining their want to achieve more opportunities for themselves and/or their families.  This current political argument war between the right and the left isn’t about letting completely normal people cross the border to begin wonderful lives anew. This is about what Trump said from the beginning, which is that Mexico is sending us its criminals, by way of illegal immigration, because crossing the border is physically easy and because it is encouraged by the fact that there are not very strict laws on immigration.  And even the laws that do exist, the people who are just trying to do their jobs are harassed, their children and families are harassed, and they are basically rendered ineffective.  Were these border agents evil terrorists under O’bomba’s watch?  Why is it OK to not have any border security whatsoever and to offer infinite handouts and promises to the poorest of the poor?  How is this sustainable, Democrats?  Please tell us.  I have a better idea. Why don’t we all solve the problem of human trafficking across and through the countries (all of them)?  And then everything else like immigration, environmental issues, budget! Healthcare! Taxes! will fall into place.  If you really cared about any of the children, you would educate yourself and open your eyes to the real problem of human trafficking.

Hypocrisy is evident because the lying left collectively don’t care about the crossing kids. They don’t care about the fact that you can’t use these words or phrases or thoughts (inciting violence) publicly. What are those same little border crossing kids going to think when they grow up? Or even when they are still kids, but old enough to know what’s going on? Are they still going to care about these poor little kids? Why is it this one issue all of a sudden with the left? This has been going on a lot longer than Trump. And Trump was only doing his job, which was observing the already existing laws. And then he made a change to try to appease and soothe you child abusers. How are any of you helping the issue instead of just bitching about it and trying to incite more violence? How is violence/injustice against one group condemned but perfectly fine for another group? How are we going to sustain all of these migrants? Why don’t you open up your homes and wallets to help out? Where will all of these people go?  Leftists are effectively saying, “I only care about what happens to the kids at the border, not what happens before or after.”  Only that one particular moment when they cross is all the liberals are crying about.  Not one of them has thought about what happens to all of those kids once they are in this country with no way to assimilate in any healthy way.  But, hey at least they got across the border.  All that matters to these insane liberals.   I feel sorry for these kids if they ever get educated and can see through the MSM to know that they were completely used and abused by an entire party simply to direct party goals. However, if they go to public school, they will be told what to think by the liberal school boards and won’t have to worry about anything ever again.  They will be told what to do, say, and think, in the exact same way as it’s happening now.  Liberals think if they say something enough times or have enough liberals say it, it will make the thing true and that we will all believe it and live our lives according to their lies.

Why is it that the left-leaning citizens promote violence in one arena, but proclaim to be, above all, against violence or inequalities when it comes to something that falls within the causes they support. For instance, there’s this and other documents like it, representing a whole state of attorneys who are claiming to be against violence.  What about this sheer hatred and call for violence?  How and when did it become OK to expect certain behaviors of our children in school (not bullying, not shooting the place up) but set no example of how to act appropriately for them in real life?  The crazies end up influencing mass social opinion because they are the only ones who don’t know it’s not OK or acceptable to act that way. They can’t have it both ways, that’s for sure. They can’t threaten a whole group of people and try to take away their guns at the same time. Most smart people rationalize that they need a way to protect themselves and their families if they are being threatened.

We can go on and on about this, and wonder and speculate why people act the way they do.  In the end, this progressive march toward globalism and beyond in the minds of leftists can be broken down into three or four levels.

  • The elite at the very top.  The ones who make wars, countries, headlines, money, environmental disasters, technology.
  • (The UN/CFR is in here somewhere – some people going back and forth between the top and mid).
  • The mid-level thugs who carry out the tasks to make all of the above happen for the above-mentioned parties.  These people make just enough money off the backs of the people in the level below them to keep the secrets of the people in the level above them, who gave them their jobs.  Also includes Antifa, most politicians. most of Hollywood.
  • The common folk (voters = slaves).  These include the ones who love identity politics, Politically Correct living, effectively keeping racism and other ‘isms’ alive because they see marginalized, victimized groups that can’t possibly ever get ahead (and sure won’t when they are being handed everything – thanks, socialism).  All of these leftists better prepare their kids for the fact that all of their earned income will be going to not only their families but to all of the other families who are being encouraged to come here illegally, then live off of the system.  Wake up, leftist commies!

Everything is part of an agenda.  Exactly whose and exactly what?  Most of it just leads right back to good and evil.  It’s really that simple.  If you can find it in your heart to wish or be OK with the death of ANY child, then you just might be in an evil stage of your life.  Whether you want to admit to that or not is what you have to live with, not anyone else.

God is real.  God loves you. But even be wary of people like this.  Because this person gets up there and says such nice sounding things about God, but then tells you exactly what he’s doing to you by making the not-so-nice parts sound like they are also not-so-bad, when in reality, they are pure evil.  Pure evil lies, cheats, steals, murders, CHRONICALLY and HABITUALLY, with no forethought except for how to work against anything good.

By the sum of their actions and words, these people want lawlessness, no national or state borders, and no boundaries whatsoever, as far as what people can say and do.  The idea of the ‘United States of America’ will be forgotten in a couple of decades as the country fails to protect itself against criminals, great and small.  For some reason, liberals don’t mind that our government is one of the most corrupt in history.  They prefer that the corruption continue, as long as their individual lives are not infringed upon.  That is the ultimate in ‘privileged’, out-of-touch, selfish thought. In fact, most of their thoughts are corrupt because they are basing all of their arguments on lies.  They would rather lie to everyone around in order to get everyone to agree with them rather than have an intelligent discussion or recognize any other points of view. They would rather solve all their problems, the United States’ problems, and your problems with thuggish acts based on false accusations. Mental illness is encouraged by this and it is spreading fast.

Vote this November for those people who you truly believe have your best interests and the country’s best interests in heart and mind.  Become a poll worker if you value integrity and voter rights.  It’s easy and doesn’t require experience.  Get involved locally and become a Precinct Committee Chair PersonContact your representatives in the Senate and Congress and tell them what you think.

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