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Lying Leftist Liberals (Blasey-Ford Questions I’d like to ask her)

The following are all powerful questions that should be brought to the forefront of the current social and ethical human rights conversation, not ignored while a wing-nut plays a numb-skull victim who is a victim because she is a victim.

Also, take note:  This is what happens when liberal-minded families allow their children to do whatever they want.  Christine Blasey Ford cried out loud in her youth to be able to do whatever she wanted!! Now, she is blaming others.  The ‘Lying Leftist Liberals’ want this same life for you, too!  To be a victim who wants everything their way, even if it means being victimized again!

Honest questions to Dr. Ford:

  1. How can something that you sort of remember happened to you over 30 years ago that you didn’t remember until 8 years ago really have affected your life that much?
  2. Is it possible that you forgot other things, too, that you haven’t remembered yet?
  3. Why are you still presenting yourself as a victim, hiding behind fake glasses, hair, and a sex-worker baby slut voice?
  4. If you really cared about women, most importantly Brett Kavanaugh’s wife and two daughters, why did you wait until now?
  5. Are you not worried about how you’re such a victim still, yet, are in a position of influencing others?
  6. If he was such a monster, enough to ruin his entire life over with this, then why not do it before when you could have saved his poor family from continued abuse?
  7. Are you wanting us to think you are a martyr for derailing this confirmation?
  8. Are we supposed to take you seriously that you waited until just when it was most important politically, and at the most opportune time for you to benefit, for you to bring these allegations forward?
  9. Do you really think that maybe all the fellow liberal Never-Trumpers will at least think you’re a martyr for derailing a neutral judge confirmation?
  10. Do you think that even though something like this could have happened to you, that you or your parents take absolutely no responsibility for this at all?
  11. What kind of message does this send to young girls, that you’re always a victim, even when you could have made a different choice not to be put in a victim situation?
  12. Is that why women need the government to take care of them and they should all vote socialist?
  13. Do you think women use this power to say that anything happened to them against their will at any time that it benefits them the best?
  14. Is it ok to get drunk at parties underage and pretend that had nothing to do with the result of the situation that you don’t like?
  15. Is it worth ruining so many people’s lives, including your own, over something that you can’t even be sure happened?
  16. Why don’t you go after that other person you said was there?  Or all the other people at the party?  Maybe they were all in on this?  Why don’t you ruin all their lives, too?
  17. At which point will you stop wasting tax payer’s money and attention and prove that this all is not politically or monetarily motivated?
  18. Did you think we wouldn’t notice all your ties to the CIA?
  19. Why does your accused show more raw emotion, as if he’s the real victim, here?
  20. If you’re not a CIA spook, then why continue to victimize yourself? (If your victimization was really an issue, then you would stop all this madness.  Yet, I’ve never seen so many smiles on the Democrat side.)
  21. Why do you have ties to the Clintons, and are we really supposed to believe this is non-partisan?

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