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In Case You STILL Don’t Know that Racism in America is Manufactured…

Ahh, the Jussie Smollett alleged hate-fueled attack

Here is proof that some people will do anything for attention, admiration, adoration, and THEIR OWN EGO.  It’s also proof that NOBODY REALLY CARES ABOUT RACE!

All the people who like to ‘cry‘ about racism are the ones making this a ‘thing’.  Nobody who has real friends, works an honest day’s work, and has a real life even cares about racism.

The people who need racism to exist are the ones who love THEIR status quo, are concerned about what other people think about, lie to get ahead in life, but are generally too dumb to see that it’s all pointless.  Living a lie is pointless, even if you have so much money that you can tell other people what to do and try to control the world. (Get it, George Soros?  You’re still in a cage.  Spielberg gets it, and hopefully will get all that he has coming to him)

It’s clearly obvious that if a large group of people in one society DON’T care about one issue they are always harping on, then they also clearly don’t care about the other issues they harp on.  Therefore, Democrat issues are pointless.

It is appalling to me that some people have no problem using the biased MSM to create an outrage over something that is completely fake and staged to further denigrate people of their own skin color, which they oh-so-quickly identify with as a protective measure, are willing  to throw their peers under the bus for personal gain, are willing to lie for the advance of an agenda, and are willing to carry out a completely selfish act of hiring foreigners, colluding, possibly, to undermine and weaken our national security.  These people that were employed for this scheme don’t care about racism in America or race-relations.  They don’t care about American politics.  And the whole situation just goes to show that nobody actually cares about this stuff. It’s just a talking point to sell newspapers, magazines, and the singular viewpoint of the entire media and untouchable elites, which is that you and I don’t deserve the truth, ever.

Most media outlets are simply parts of the tool that is used as a barometer of the American public, and even beyond, to other countries that we have ties to.

I am not saying I’m some sort of expert at this point, but I recognized that this whole incident was fake from the first moment it hit the front pages and screens. It’s literally that easy.  Once you’ve been lied to enough and start to see the truth for what it is, it’s easy to rely on your instincts to differentiate between truth and something made up.  With lies, there are always details that don’t add up, don’t make sense, or are left out, conveniently.

I really hope all the real racists, socialists, fascists, and Godless individuals who CLING TO RACISM as a tool can relax, enjoy their day, and not stress out so much about everything actually being OK.  Not one of us is more or less in the eyes of our creator.  We are all created the same, and for these less-than-progressive shit-stirrers, for lack of a better-hyphenated word, to make people feel fear, guilt, animosity, confusion, and mistrust is a huge offense to the American public, and the world, really.  But yet this has become an accepted way of furthering one’s career, life, and family.  It’s extremely sad, and we should all stop thinking of ourselves so much.

P.S. In fact, the US CIA itself is tied to racism over and over.

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