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Another Newest False Flag That Proves NWO Agenda – New Zealand Fakery

As evidenced just recently, it is obvious people do things for their very own unknown reasons. But then these people’s actions are spun, lied about, embellished, and politicized in the press and media for different and sometimes aligning reasons.

Wait, so you’re telling me that if if gun control laws, like this, had been in place already in New Zealand, that this horrible violent act wouldn’t have happened? I don’t believe it.

Based on the FACT that some people are willing to throw anyone and everyone under the bus to either justify or fulfill the term of being ‘mentally ill’ and would be totally willing to utilize/conspire with/ or be paid off by the MSM and other agenda-driven has-beens, it should be totally easy to understand that just because some news outlet or even source says that this person’s motives were race and hate related, that this one incident does not mean that all people of a certain color, belief system, or status in society are something that they’re not.

And also, why is the MSM throwing this story all over the place but is not reporting on this hatred toward Christians at all? Because the narrative is about racism, bigotry, hatred to CERTAIN demographics. The leftist liberal democrats/socialists/communists use whichever targeted minority group, (which they have created the groups by breaking down society into these race-baiting checkboxes, but then they expect us to all repeat internally, this mantra of not marginalizing these people, and also of pitting on or more of these groups against each other) to try to play their political hand. It’s disgusting and appalling as to how stupid their attempts are.

So I’m supposed to believe that some mentally imbalanced person is a ‘white nationalist‘ because some news agency said so. Has anyone thought about if this mentally ill person was using a politically charged theme to associate with their act or event just to intensify their own personal agenda? No, it’s all about labeling the general American as a racist, and every other kind of -ist. They want to destroy our sense of caring about the truth and ability to discern what the truth is in any given situation. Just look around in pop culture/sports/entertainment/politics/media – anything where people seemingly have influence, and you will see that they all work for the same agenda, boss, or whatever you want to call it. At the very least, their love of money and self is what drives them to do what they do, most of which is lie, all day long.

And how and why are we, as society, supposed to analyze a mentally impaired person’s thoughts as if they make any sort of sense and apply universally to anybody else? Also, why does this so conveniently feed right in to the current popular narrative? I’m guessing this all staged. It’s more political theatre. It’s giving everyone something to take sides on. It’s ridiculous, in my opinion, and I’m offended at the lying and deceit.

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