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Anti-fa??? How about Exactly-fa?

Welcome to political (class) warfare in 2020. And it’s only going to get worse unless you and your friends actually wake up. For some reason, some very intelligent people that I know are BLINDLY BELIEVING things, for example, that BLM is for Black citizens. These are the people on the ‘left’ today. The problem is we can’t even have a conversation.

My personal problem is that I can’t quite talk about political things without getting animated and slightly upset. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to listen and discuss. I feel that the opposition side’s problems are that they won’t even take the time to listen or maybe don’t even want to listen because they desperately don’t want to be wrong. I’m not even saying they are wrong, but when someone is that desperate, then you have to at least look at why a person, in this case, a whole ‘democratic’ party, would act this way or insist that other people act a certain way?

Are they that unsure of themselves or their prescribed and subscribed mantra and approach to life? I do know, because I was once there, and the answer, is YES. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, which is most people’s actual problem, I think.

Now, I apparently have enemies, because an entire political party, an entire movement (the liberal progressive), an entire mode of pop-culture communication have been weaponized (somehow all one and the same), and your friends have fallen into the trap, and you might be in there with them. My enemies are people who think differently from me. However, that is not why they are my enemies. No, you see, I have no problem with people who think differently from me, and actually welcome it. My enemies are people who have declared themselves such because I think differently from them.

Since I have not accepted the same socio-political narrative that they have, they feel they are forced to cut me out of their lives, which for whatever reason, the irony is being lost on these previously thought to have been smart people. I mean, insistence upon thought, action, and viewpoint is exactly fascist, right? That is the definition, right?? I’m not making this stuff up.

All you have to do is open your eyes, your ears, your heart, and your mind to see the truth staring at you in the face; that everything the liberal media says is a lie and, in fact, usually the exact opposite (so much so that their welcoming committee, Anti-fa, proves themselves to be snowflake pansies every day). If they weren’t being paid and propped up by none other than Georgie Soros, they would have nothing at all going for them in this great big world of hopes and dreams. Since Shillary couldn’t create the race war last election cycle, they were damn certain to do it this year.

I do not judge, hate, nor expect anything from people who are different me or people who are like me. I just try to love and accept and not control things or people in my life…mostly because I’ve realized you can’t. And I’ve tried. And I’ll leave those hard things up to God, because He knows way more than I do. And luckily He doesn’t expect me to control those things, but to just trust. So if I start each day out just trying to trust and be present to what I’m called to do, then I will do that and not worry about the rest.

However, if you are like me and pay attention to the headlines or news or any sort of public social media (news) outlet, then you are probably horrified on a daily basis. I would like to say to anyone that actually watches the news or reads ‘mainstream’ news outlets, STOP. They are actively trying to destroy you. Do you think they ARE NOT taking the opportunity to control your thoughts by feeding you lies and false narratives? What incentive do they have not to? You and your liberal friends are not going to stop them or even question them.

I think one of the most disappointing things for me to see is how many people have allowed themselves to be politicized, weaponized, along with their party. Just like you don’t talk about one aspect of your life excessively anywhere you go, why should it also be allowed that people (the liberal ones) think it’s ok to just start spouting off about certain people or established norms. The things that have been normalized in the last 6-8 years, or really, probably even much longer, are appalling. It has been normalized that a person in our society can just say any blatant lie or negative thing about a sitting president, it has been normalized for people to ….

Friends of mine on Facebook have started posting things like ‘we’re not friends anymore if you don’t think you should wear a mask.’ It’s such disgusting childish behavior, on so many levels, coming from adults. It shows how close-minded they are, how reactive they are, and how poorly informed they are. I do understand, I guess, as I saw this as far back as the first Obama election. I somehow saw people who I even thought were open-minded somehow ‘drinking the kool-aid’ and falling into line and relying on group-think and group-speak.

So also, as you may have noticed, (white) people who are shaming others about racism are also the same ones now feeling thuggish enough to mask-shame people. Being from Texas originally, I do know what Juneteenth is. We were taught about it in school, we talked about it at home, and no, we didn’t even know that many black families growing up. Now, I have many African-American friends. Then nor to this day have I ever actually witnessed racism, other than from my ‘liberal’ friends, of course, who do things like give back-handed compliments. (To me, that’s systemic racism, because it’s ingrained in the way they operate in life, and they don’t even know it or accept it.) And racism is never a topic between me and my black friends or friends of other racial minority groups. We don’t talk about it because we don’t give that kind of thing any power. The more you talk about a thing, the more you think about a thing, the same being for general society as a whole.

I still don’t trust the government at large. I am not saying Donald J. Trump is angel. I never have thought that and never will. I don’t kid myself nor do I allow the media to. I know what kind of person he is because I’ve listened to him and know that people are made up like the people from where they came. So he’s quite a bit different from me because he was raised in a different time and place than me. That’s OK. I’m not him, he’s not me. I’m not obsessed with him, like my liberal friends are, with their TDS, which is real, by the way. I happen to think that if he were elected for 4 more years and were to drain the swamp quite a bit more, that he could really turn this ship around and stop the insanity-inducing media by throwing their ring leaders in jail.

The problem with conservatives, as I think I’ve said before, is that they really are ‘live and let live’ in their approach to life, which is the best way to be, because then you don’t have to take unnecessary risks. This refusal to stoop to the Marxist ideals of a nanny state are what separate the conservatives and many libertarians from the gov-lovers (liberals). Also, may I just point out that to these ‘liberals’, the fact that the Obamas, the Bushes, and the Clintons all love each other as if they bought a timeshare together should raise a HUGE RED FLAG. If all those people who supposedly have vastly different policy ideals are really buddy buddy, then somehow they are all on the same team, the team that is opposite of ANY of us random voters out here.

The votes are all up for grabs this year. The cheating has already begun and has been planned since the last rigged election. Don’t get me wrong, yes, I think the election was rigged, but not in DJT’s favor. He won anyway. They cheated, and he still won. They lied about the polls, and he still won. They tried to tell you how to think and feel. They did win on that. So it doesn’t matter so much who is in the presidential role doing what, as long as they are controlling the narrative (and the social norms). And ‘they’ are anyone who is paid to do anything against his fellow citizens, whether they be black, brown, tan, white, nude, or any other color, just like all the black people committing actual racism against their own people. White people are just self hating, but right now there is a movement for and against black people.

The movement is actually against anyone individually or anything that helps black people. But the movement is for using black and brown people to get what they want politically, even if some of those members are black themselves. They are the most powerful and probably most hate-filled, and it has nothing to do with race, or they would actually be doing what they say they are doing or want to do.

Yelling and antogonizing cops while they are trying to do their job is not peacefully proetesting. If I tried to talk to a cop while they were trying to do their job and it involved potential violence, that cop is going to assume i’m in on the violence, and I’d be dumb to think otherwise.

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