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Melania Trump, the American Woman’s Ally

Donald Trump married a woman who could support him no matter what. Melania Trump married a man who could keep her family and country together.

These two individuals are not posing but genuinely want the best for each other, because it also means the best for them and their family. But I have never seen a woman whose family was under such attack and who has handled it with such grace. I am too protective of my family to even have my real name on here, so I hardly think I would have the nerves of steel to be as kind and un-retaliatory as Mrs. Trump.

First of all, I think she is doing a great job on her own right to be a leader of and spokesperson and representative for our country. But I also think she is doing and amazing job fending off the insane mainstream media and liberal cause-based celebrities to still show up looking amazing and letting the competition just try to touch her.

I also think she is the only one standing between complete Washington meltdown by not divorcing the President. I do not want to get into questioning people’s past, unless it somehow involves a major crime. And clearly, we can see that that is what the opposition does and it’s all they’ve got, dragging someone through the mud. The democrats have done it so much so that they don’t even have policy right now. They’ve lied and conned themselves into a corner of defense. They can only rag on and lie about Trump and anyone associated with him, meaning his voters.

So thank you Mrs. Trump, for being an incredible first lady. The current onslaught of media attempts to take her down are only aimed at taking down the candidate, her husband. But Mrs. Trump represents so many of us. I know that she knows exactly how I feel, and that’s why I support her husband.

For example, some people like to attack her past. Well, Mrs. Trump is no different from any other female, I can tell you that. It’s extremely hard to be a self-determined self-taught girl in a guy’s world. I have done things in my past that I’m not extremely proud of, sometimes even without having all the facts of what or why I was doing things. Oh ya, there are pictures of me, things I’ve said, done, written, that I’m sure do not represent the whole of my being today, but are bits of a part of a richly-lived complete life. And most importantly, I’m where I am today and proud to be a true follower of God.

While I may not be proud of everything I’ve done, I’m certainly not ashamed, because I do ask Him for forgiveness, and I try each day to do just a little bit better, even though many days I face the same marginalizations that I always have, just as I’m sure Mrs. Trump does and has. But my approach, which I am constantly adjusting to better cope, is getting better so that I don’t feel unsuccessful in my daily and professional life.

I am 47 and have 3 kids, one of which is mine, and 2 are stepchildren. I know exactly how kids and families can ‘slip through the cracks’ and be invisible, even to those who may see them every day. I’m sure Melania has felt this way, as an immigrant, and as a young woman who didn’t want to associate with the wrong crowd and actually slipped through the cracks upwards, which is how I’ve had to approach my life. Also, every really successful mom I know is a mom first and everything else second, which is what I know to be true about Melania, because she has protected her son and afforded him his privacy at every step of the way.

I know what it’s like to not have friends. Our family has some friends, but also, we are different. It’s hard for us to make friends or even see the ones we have. We are a ‘special-needs’ family, because we are ’emotionally fragile’ and frequently are not ‘socially appropriate.’ I’m putting quotes to indicate that I’m also equally being sarcastic as I am sincere. But we are exactly that. The autistic kids in the neighborhood make fun of us, so I’m pretty sure we’re a spectacle to behold.

My kids don’t know normal social boundaries, as much as we try to teach them, and even our rescue dog has some long-standing social issues that make her impossible to deal with sometimes. So I can relate to being in the middle of chaos and basically just trying to manage it all, all while it being a situation that I went head-first into, knowingly, and deliberately. Oftentimes, motherhood doesn’t look anything like what anyone of us expected it to look like.

And, I also know what it’s like to have lots of opinions, thoughts, and philosophies, but to speak of them little. Because in the end, talk is cheap and action is everything. I don’t like to sit around and make small talk, and I’m guessing Melania doesn’t either.

You can see how the media and celebrities are attacking Melania’s character and name daily, since we are getting very close to an election. Anything to get at her husband and ensure that he fails, they will even go after her. There are suddenly stories about her in every paper or blog or bookstore.

I have never kidded myself that President Donald Trump or Mrs. Melania Knauss Trump are perfect people, because I would be kidding myself then about being a perfect person. It’s impossible. And the second you go judging people, you’re quite f%&*ed.

It is clear to me that the liberal left is anti-God and anything wholesome. They want me and you and everyone else to believe that God doesn’t exist and that there’s nobody in control of the world. I’m here to tell you it’s an outright lie. God does exist AND is in control. Why would they work so hard to convince us otherwise? When all the talking heads, which includes the MSM, the cause-based celebrities, and the fake politicians, repeat the same things as each other, as if they all got the bullet-pointed memo, then you know it’s probably just another web in their narrative of lies.

So, if you start to just think about it a little, it’s easy to play their game. Just start to guess what will appear in the headlines next. Or, for extra points, guess who will tweet next over which manufactured social problem. It starts to become clear who is at least willing to have a conversation about anything versus who likes to complain about everything and has unrealistic expectations.

More than anything, people will protect the (their) status quo and at the same time not upsetting anyone else’s status quo. That’s kind of why we’re in this conundrum of having Speaker Pelosi unleashed as a rabid dog, snapping at everyone, is because most of us only protect ourselves to the point that we’re ok and our family and friends and property are ok. We don’t go out of our way to make other people suffer to maintain our status quo. Well, Nan and her team of democrat damsels in distress will cry about anything and everything that someone else is doing, use any other group of people (like Black people or Mexican people) to further maintain their status quo, and will even throw each other under the bus to prove how much they are what they say they are.

So if you think you’ve got a hard choice of who to vote for this year for president, just figure out if you want your status quo to be maintained or not. If President Trump remains, we at least have someone still fighting for us in Washington. If we have the opposition in power, then our individual status quo (rights) will be spoken for by them in order to maintain their own self-righteous self-indignant selfish status quo.

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