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I never considered myself Democrat or affiliated with any other party. However, I realized during these last three presidential elections that I fall much more to the conservative side, and I have no problem voting Republican.  I supported Ron Paul when he ran for president, and that’s when I found a way to resolve identifying with what I considered the very disturbing designation of ‘Republican’.  However, anything right of left-wing extremism is considered conservative these days. So, ‘Republican’ it is.

Just to make it clear, there are lots of conservatives, Republicans, and independents who don’t agree with liberal policies, but that doesn’t make them racist.  I have never been racist in my life, nor has anyone I’ve known, EXCEPT for my extremist liberal friends.

I would not support President Trump if I thought he was a racist.  I do not support racists.  I do however support the United States Constitution.  I support all the men and women across the world who are in First-Responder positions and military Veterans and currently enlisted brave men and women.  I support changing laws in the correct procedure, and I support the job the Police and other law enforcement have to do until such laws are changed.

If you have questions or comments, please leave them in the comment sections of the posts.   Thanks for reading!

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