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Donald Trump Won the Election – Proof He Will Deliver (AKA Pawns use their Trump Card)

I would say that the fact that DJT won the election is proof that he is not as bad as the rest of them.  (Yes, we are living in ‘their’ world.)

DJT was and is part of the establishment, I’ll give him that.  It’s also fair to say that he has done some despicable things.  However, I don’t think the things he is doing currently would fall in that category.  And he probably hasn’t done anything as bad as Hills, Bomb-a, or Joe Bitin’.  If anything, he has broken ranks from TPTB (the powers that be).  He was hated by the general consensus, the mainstream media, and hollywood.  However, he was right about where the country should be headed and what we should be doing to protect ourselves, in what he was saying, so he actually won by popular vote landslide, not counting the illegal votes and vote tampering that occurred.

He could be a really good actor and still be on ‘their’ side, however I think they would have just put ‘Shillary’ in office, like they thought they were going to do, if he was just like all the rest of them.

If for some reason Trump is still on ‘their’ side, then yes, he probably didn’t expect to win.  But he did too good of a job being a bad guy to them.  So that means he’s being a good guy to us, whether people like it or not.  The full truth will come out eventually.  Trump probably was on ‘their’ side at one point, but he broke ranks and is kicking ass and taking names.  He looks like such a badass compared to his opponents.

Whether or not he is still on the side of TPTB remains to be seen.  He could have jumped ship for whatever reason.  He could be trying to save America, which does need saving, now that he has seen the light.  But really, that isn’t just up to him.  There are many of us able bodies who can rise above ALL of these political constructs to realize that we are pawns in the game ‘they’ have been playing for a long time.  People across the world can surely have reasonable conversations, based on logic, love, truth, and patience.  If someone is to objectively look at all the evidence, there is no reason why all the world’s greatest problems cannot be solved and probably could have been ages ago.  The one reason is that TPTB don’t want it that way.

My plea for anyone listening/reading:

  • Let us stop depending upon televisions, MSM, hollywood, Western medicine
  • Let us be educated about the REAL ISSUES that human beings should be interested in every day.  Science, math, and astrology/spirituality
  • Let us all please use technology to share information, but not to spread lies.
  • Let us please open up to actual truth and the greater picture of who we are (i.e. stop being slaves to the one world government, which has in a sense always existed.)


We have to come together to realize that all the back and forth about the supposed human rights issues falls to complete nonsense when people don’t know and/or don’t want to know the full truth.  Search your browser for Titus Frost and watch.  The actual truth is still being covered up and we are all a part of the cover up.  All of the ‘protest points’ have valid discussion potential, and the normalizing of hate is only continuing the plan of TPTB.  How can anyone be taken seriously when spewing anti-hate accusations mixed hate propaganda and hate language?

And if for some reason you are one of ‘them’ reading this.  You better find something else to fuck real quick.  You are pure pathetic evil.  Or simply stop turning your back on ‘God’, stop mutilating children and get a hobby.

And sure, I could be wrong about some of these things, but I hardly think so.  Do your own research.  Praying for you all.

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